Team Building

The conversation completed with the atmosphere of harmony and warmth, passion and joy , showed VTVIT employees full of vitality, positive, unity and enterprising spirit. Back in 2016, we are working together, struggling together,sharing together; Looking forward to 2017, we are of the same target, with confidence, hope VTVIT's tomorrow will be more brilliant.

In order to better improve the overall management level, enterprises can meet the needs of corporate strategy, improving the capacity of employees and create a full of learning atmosphere, the company formed its own internal training division team. Hope that through their own training their own thinking, targeted for imparting knowledge and skills.
Through this training and study, we benefit a lot. People not only improves cognitive ability and operation ability for each post, and widen the field of lean management ideas. We will raise, continuous improvement, in order to improve the work efficiency, mprove the image of the company as a whole and promote sustainable development of the enterprise stable and healthy!

Happy weekends day we ware spent !
why I have to say like that ?
Ok, l am so excited to tell you that all staff of VTVIT team go outside to breathed fresh air and have enough relax after hard work. We get up early to climbed mountains together, through very big and secret caves, and working in the path full of flowers everywhere.
Through this spring outing, we not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, relax the body and mind, alleviate the pressure of work life, but also provides a communication platform for everyone to use this opportunity to actively communicate with each department, to coordinate cooperation laid a good foundation for later. Believe in the later work staff will work in a more full of passion into their jobs, contributing to the vigorous development of the company. Beautiful spring, we set sail, we are proud because we are young, we are proud because we are a team, we are proud because I am one of VTVIT company.


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