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Family Automatic Sweeping Machine Function

Family Automatic Sweeping Machine Function

Family functions: automatic sweeping machine some need to know ultraviolet sterilization function currently sweeping robot is conducted through the built-in ultraviolet disinfection lamp sterilization. Time to make an appointment a single setting, can clean on time every day from now on! Airframe is thinner and cabinet frivolous, optimize the product structure as much as possible at the same time, smaller machines of various sizes, let the machine easily into a bed at the bottom of the furniture, henceforth no longer for these difficult to clean the corner. Ultra low noise design acuities were 50 decibels of sound, like a whisper, even when you rest can work, won't make you upset, make you comfortable repose. The LCD screen super clear show that cleaning process, intelligent cleaning the be clear at a glance. Cleaning machine adopts intelligent memory of the world's leading electronic chip, after a key open will be edited according to the chip program is running. Through the autonomous navigation and a variety of operating mode, to finish cleaning the need for manual monitoring.

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