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VTV New APP Smart Camera Control Sweeping Robot Starting

VTV New APP Smart Camera Control Sweeping Robot Starting

Intelligent service robot industry leader VTV latest release sweeping robot, the new APP VTV V9 control intelligent sweeping robot what in particular? The Editor takes you to find out.

From the looks of vtv intelligent sweeping robot V9 the delicate silver tone, high-end atmosphere, the IMD film covering technology, IMD is the international popularity of the surface decoration technology, surface hardening, transparent film, intermediate printing pattern layer, on the back of the injection molding layer, ink, make the product wear resistance, prevent the surface from being scratched, and long-term to maintain the color bright is not easy to fade. VTV intelligent robots sweeping V9 powerful, and maintained the characteristics of the recent new slim, only 195px slim, free shuttle at the bottom of the furniture and the corner of the room, don't let corner of dust.


VTV intelligent sweeping robot V9 equipped with high-definition camera and the latest app control, remote control sweeper and real-time monitoring of home, anytime, anywhere to control the household cleaning, anytime, anywhere to see what happened at home, and in every time after cleaning will students into a clean report. The report can be seen sweeping machine every time cleaning the completion of the cleaning of the family knows.

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