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How To Buy Sweeping Robot/Robot Vacuum Cleaner .

How To Buy Sweeping Robot/Robot Vacuum Cleaner . - News - VTVIT (SHENZHEN) CO., LIMITED

How To Buy Sweeping Robot/Robot Vacuum Cleaner . - News - VTVIT (SHENZHEN) CO., LIMITED

How to buy sweeping robot/Robot vacuum cleaner?

follow adivce.

(1) Fully functional robotic vacuum cleaner is the key to buy.

Fuctions is one of to be mechanical products is good or bad standard. combine many kinds fuctions in one design let customers easier to like it.Naturally, this is more high-end products, then sweeping robot should have what function


1.Four intelligent cleaning mode

Sweeping robot also known as cleaning robots, robots are intelligent cleaning mode, the basic set of four is now currently cleaning mode, an automatic cleaning mode, also called random cleaning mode, the machine will be randomly automatically depending on the environment cleaning work; 2, fixed type cleaning mode, also known as the hardest hit mode, special places such as dusty area will automatically switch modes by rotary cleaning lets cleanliness achieve better results; 3, clean border mode, the robot will automatically be cleaned with the edge of the wall; 4, reservation cleaning mode that allows the cleaning robot from the set position. Having the above cleaning mode sweeping machine has more intelligent features, so the above modes should have is a good sweeping robot.

2.Application of anti-collision function

Before anti-collision design is user-friendly design, is a transformative breakthrough, to prevent the collision caused damage to furniture and damage to their own robot, the robot on the market are usually divided into three anti-collision design. 1, infrared anti-collision sensing devices, the technology is also more extensive use earlier, for some special items induction is less than perfect; 2, photoelectric sensing device, photoelectric sensor is converting light into electronic signals, extensive use of the mouse, induction better; 3, acoustic sensing device, a typical representative of Taiwan products Poussin Nick proscenic, dolphins, bats sensor system is more advanced sensing equipment. If a single infrared sensor device sweeping robot makes key recommendation, the effect is not very good.


Refers to the amphibious robot is water, there is no general sweeper suction function, but this feature was relatively tasteless use is not very widespread, after all, for interior cleaning sweeper, and rarely come into contact with nature water, cat urine, dog urine be water, but a little robot is not too great.3.Amphibious robots Vacuum Cleaner recommended

4.Induction of anti-drop design

Anti-drop is sweeping robot self-defense system, is important to reduce the damage to the fuselage configuration, such as somewhere in the rugged, impact sensor and the robot can not detect an obstacle, which led to a fall fall phenomenon, so the bottom of the fuselage must have anti-drop sensor equipment to ensure that the machine is not damaged sweeper cleaning robot is good

5, UV sterilization function

Absorbing ultraviolet disinfection function with design similar to the use is not widespread, this feature has a few machines, the use of ultraviolet light disinfection to complete, but the actual situation and flattered, not sweeping robot really easy to use reference standards.

6, the degree of intelligence of automatic backfilling

Critical design, is the core of intelligent systems, if the robot after the halfway off, you can not complete the work, and intelligent efficiency backfilled sensitive robot is good, we have to try to buy the remote control button is pressed backfilled to see whether the quick return cradle.

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