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VTVIT is bound to fully enter UK market

VTVIT is bound to fully enter UK market

VTVIT is a world leading consumer robot company, specializing in manufacturing robot vacuum cleaner, window cleaning robot and so on.

While VTVIT is expanding global market, especially, now it is pushing its way into UK market.

It is said by VTVIT insiders that, VTVIT not only has branch in UK but also its own warehouse. This means that customers in Europe or UK can place an order from VTVIT branch directly in UK.

Currently, VTVIT already has finished building warehouses in UK. It is more than 1000 square meters. There is a complete team in VTVIT including warehouse keepers, clerk-ordering, documentary clerk, technical team, customer service team, sales team and management team to serve customers well. VTVIT will ship lots of products to UK this year, so that British consumers can buy them directly and experience good products and services.

VTVIT(Vtvrobot) UK contact:

Address:5 Oak Leaze, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 5FP, United Kingdom

Contact number: +44 7944 6301 54

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