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China Consumer Association tests 20 models of robot vacuum cleaner

20 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Test Results

On April 10, the China Consumers Association released a comparative test of 20 sweeping robots on the market. As a result, the results show that the performance of the cleaning robot is not necessarily proportional to the price level. 

The comparative test sample totaled 20 automatic robot vacuum cleaners, all of which were consumed by the staff of the China Consumer Association. Identity, from the Beijing home appliance stores and other network platform to buy, 20 purchased samples, the price range from 799 yuan -7499 yuan, which has sweeping and dragging one of the 7 features, the remaining 13 are only sweeping Vacuum cleaning robot. 

Tests have found that the working noise of the automatic robot vacuum cleaner is generally high. The most suitable human living environment noise Should not exceed 45 decibels, and in this test, the lowest average noise model is 53 Decibels around. Some models are equipped with a high-end model, which has greater suction and noise, and the individual sample noise is about 72 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise of ordinary vacuum cleaners. In the analysis of the Consumers Association, when the sweeping robots were working, the noise was high due to the principle of using a high-speed rotary fan to generate negative pressure to collect dust, so the noise could not be reduced to a very low level.

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China Consumers Association reminded that the current price on the market is more expensive automatic robot vacuum cleaner does not have the function to wipe, mainly to cleaning. It is worth mentioning that the anti-drop function of all models can better prevent the machine from falling. Price and clean coverage are not directly related to each other. Some of the more expensive models have a general coverage rate and there are omissions during cleaning. Sweeping robots cannot be completely cleaned to every corner of the house, so you do not have to clean your hands without purchasing an automatic robot vacuum cleaner.

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The VTVRobot who did not participate in the assessment this time, from the evaluation results, it is the winner. 

  1. VTVRobot products, not only vacuum suction sweep, but also to mop. 

  2. VTVRobot products, noise less than 50 decibels, within the normal range of human acceptance.

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